About us



ManiDeco set sail for its creative journey in 2010, with Georgia Tsiotou, its founder, at the helm. Our firm, where we brainstorm and create, is located in the historic and scenic village of Areopolis. It is there that we enthusiastically plan one-of-a-kind, bespoke weddings and events that take place in historical Mani.

We don’t stop there. Planning a wedding or an event is one thing. Selecting the stunning setting that will showcase the event is an altogether different one.

How about a turquoise, serene beach on Elafonisos? A hauntingly romantic castle in Monemvasia? The traditional town of Kardamyli? The well-kept secret of  Kyparissi? The Mythical Pylos or the mountainous Arcadia? Take your pick around Peloponnese, and we’re right here to arrange it all!

We are flattered that couples prefer us and we honor their preference. Each couple is unique in its togetherness and that makes our effort to please our couples and accommodate their planning needs even more fascinating and challenging.

Let us be the one to lead you to that “hideaway”, that hidden spot you are seeking to make your event or wedding different than any other. Together, we will plan your event in awe-inspiring Mani or all around Peloponnese. After all, as the locals we are, we know every nook and cranny of the area.


“Seek and you shall find”


Georgia Tsiotou

I am the founder of ManiDeco and was born in the area of Corinthia, Peloponnese. I studied interior design, décor, and furniture design at the Department of Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts and Design, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Athens Technological Educational Institution (TEI – present-day University of West Attica). After graduation I worked for an architectural firm and the Technical Department of ATE Bank (present-day Bank of Piraeus).

And then it happened. I was spending my holidays in the area of Laconia, Peloponnese, when I fell fiercely in love with the craggy mountain masses towering over the area, and the medieval, fortified settlements of Mani. I never looked back. I hang my planner’s hat up in the area, and ManiDeco was born.

My character traits include my fixation –literal and metaphorical- on accomplishing the desired result; my being constantly on the move to locate the perfect spots around the area; and my artistic creativity which constantly evolves thanks to the individual requirements the couples that trust ManiDeco have.


Live the absolute moment of your life, exactly as you have imagined it!